Functions are the bread and butter of Mathematica. You give them something (arguments) and they give you something in return.

Functions are executed as Mathematica input by pressing the right-most "enter key" on your keyboard. Each cell of input can contain multilple Function calls, with a new line in a cell being generated by the left-most "enter key" on your keyboard. 

Functions should be indicated in this Wiki with Bold type (e.g. SolveMeanListPlot, etc.), with the first letter of each word CAPITALIZED (just like they are called in Mathematica). By using Bold type, we can deliniate Functions from Tools, which should be italicized.

If a Function is referenced outside of its own page, it should be cross-referenced, so that finding its page is very easy. Each built-in Function in Mathematica is fully documented in its own page in the Mathematica DocumentationThe Documentation page will tell you what arguments it takes, what it returns, and will give you some example code that utilizes the Function.

In addition to built-in Functions, Mathematica supports user generated functions of nearly unlimited functionality and power. 

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